I live interstate – can I audition for V Agency?

 Unfortunately we are unable to represent interstate performers as our office is based in Sydney, NSW. Children under the age of 15 years should live within 90 minutes of Sydney CBD.

Do you charge a fee to audition for V Agency?

Auditions are at no cost and obligation free. The audition process allows us to assess suitability of a performer for V Agency. If an offer of representation is made it is then up to you if you wish to take up the offer or not.

Do you accept everyone that applies to V Agency?

 No. Unfortunately we cannot accept everyone who applies for representation. We have to consider the talent we already represent and the current demands of the industry.

Can you guarantee work if we are represented by V Agency?

 It is impossible for us to guarantee work. The client (advertising agency, production company, photographer etc) make the decision on who they would like to book for a shoot. Also please remember that often you need to fit particular requirements – ie hair colour, age group, clothing size, or possess a particular skill and so on.

What kind of work do you represent talent for?

 Talent are represented for work in a wide area of the entertainment industry including but not limited to; TV commercials, television series, mini-series, feature films, short films, corporate videos, music videos, musical theatre, live theatre, magazines, catalogues and general print advertising.

Do you charge a commission on work secured?

 Yes. We deduct commission as follows: Live Theatre/Musical Theatre/Variety Performances 10% reduces to 5% after first 5 weeks of performances, Television 10%, Film 10% Voice Overs 10%, TV Commercials 15% and Photographic Work 10%.

What is a casting?

 A casting is an ‘audition’ with a potential client. Before you go to a casting a client has viewed your agency headshot, comp card or online talent profile and they have requested to see you for a particular role they are looking to ‘cast’. You do NOT receive payment for attending a casting.

When and where are castings held?

 Castings for school aged talent are held after school Monday to Friday. Occasionally we may receive a Saturday request but this is not common. For talent who do not attend school castings are often held any time during the day (9am – 5.30pm) again Monday – Friday. Clients are based all over Sydney and generally we only receive notice one to two days prior to a casting.

If I am confirmed/booked on a shoot when and where will this be?

 Every job/booking is different. Most shoots are held in the Sydney area either in studio or on location. If a shoot is to be held outside of Sydney you will be advised at the time of casting. Shoots are generally scheduled Monday – Friday with the occasional Saturday booking. Children under 16 years need to have a guardian present with them for the entirety of the shoot period.

How much will I be paid for a job/shoot?

Every job is different and the pay rate will differ depending on the type of shoot, how long you work, whether it is a speaking or featured role and so forth. It is our job to negotiate, where possible, for the best rate we can get. We will advise you of the performance rate at time of booking.




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